A Day of Your Time or an Hour of Mine?

Recently, I had a call from someone who had struggled with a piece of flatpack furniture (a corner TV unit) and given up. It wasn’t that she couldn’t do it – she’d already built the item once – but having found it was faulty the first time, she shouldn’t face another whole day assembling the replacement.

Actually, it had taken over a day the first time but we all get better with practise.

Anyway, she saved herself the heartbreak, and about eight hours of her time, by investing just £30 in an hour of mine. That was all it took, too, because we really do get better at this kind of thing with practise, and her fault-free TV unit was assembled in what must have seemed like next to no time.

So, unless you enjoy assembling your own furniture – and I know some people do – and you don’t mind if it takes you longer than you expected – because it usually does – AND you’re confident you will do a professional job, you might want to call me.

You can get me on 01534 741462 (daytime only) or on my mobile 0779 782 7862. Or you can use the contact form on this site or you can email enquiries@flatpack-jersey.co.uk.

Be quick, though, because my hourly rate will be going up in September.