A Morning’s Work

Brimnes 3 door wardrobe by IKEAToday’s customer had ordered a few items from IKEA, which were duly delivered to her flat in town. Looking at her shopping list I estimated 4-5 hours and quoted my half-day rate  of £125.

The items to be assembled were a three door Brimnes wardrobe, a three drawer chest to match, plus a bedside cabinet and a Lugnvik sofa bed.

Building a wardrobe requires a fair bit of space so these are nearly always the first thing to do. Beds and sofa beds can be built in situ so, if the room is big enough for the finished item, it will be big enough to build it. This is not always true with wardrobes.

Anyway, there was enough room to work and the Brimnes wardrobe was built and moved into position. Pinning the back on necessitated me turning the wardrobe from face up to face down, before standing it upright. This takes some care and a bit of strength – fully assembled, it is quite heavy, but there are heavier ones in the IKEA range and I haven’t been beaten yet. I fitted and levelled the doors then added shelves and a hanging rail. In all it took about ninety minutes.

Brimnes 3 door wardrobe by IKEA

Next, I tackled the three drawer chest. I’ve done plenty of IKEA chests and this one was quite typical. One benefit of experience is that I recognise the parts and which way they go – it’s easy to fix drawer runners in the wrong place and/or upside down, for example. The top drawer has a frosted glass front so I took extra care with that but really it’s not an issue. brimnes 3 drawer oak

Brimnes bedsideNext, the bedside cabinet, from the same range. As you can see, this one is quite simple.

Together, these two took about another seventy-five minutes.

The sofa bed comes in several big boxes, some heavier than others. The sofa is L-shaped and you have a choice of which way round to have it, but once this is decided it’s mainly a matter of unwrapping the parts, then holding them in place while you fit the joining bolts and tighten them.  The whole thing is put together lying on its back which means you then have to lift it onto its feet. I decided the safest thing was to take the back feet off so they wouldn’t risk being broken as I rolled it upright, then I lifted the sofabed by hand as I replaced the feet again. All went perfectly.lugnvik-sofa-bed-with-chaise-longue from IKEAThe final part of the bed – the part that pulls out to convert it from a sofa to a bed – is then added. There were no loose covers to add which made this one quicker than the last IKEA sofa I built, so this again took about ninety minutes.

I disposed of the packaging while I waited for the customer to pop home from work and she was delighted with the results.

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