A Silver Lining, With Knobs On

Today’s job involved cycling all of two miles across St Brelade to finish last week’s BHS bathroom cabinet job. It couldn’t be completed last week, due to some missing cam locks, but a bag of replacements arrived by post this morning.

The job was finished in about half an hour and looks very nice, in a basic shaker style, with a small drawer above a single door, with one internal shelf. Painted white, with metal handles, it matches the existing decor well, and almost matched another small unit in the bathroom. In fact, all that didn’t match was the door knob.

So it was lucky that the bag of replacement fittings included another pair of handles as well as everything else, including the cam locks. That meant I was able to replace the painted wooden knob on the existing piece with a shiny chromed one to match the two on the new item.

For the sake of an extra minute’s work, a delighted customer for Flatpack Jersey – with many more to come, I’m sure!