Assembling an Alphason Maryland Desk

Alphason Maryland AW12010 deskThis was my first experience of an Alphason product and I have to say I was impressed with the quality and ease of assembly (which is usually dependent on quality anyway).

The desk is made from high-density particle board, with a very durable surface. The cam and bolt system is almost universal these days, but the quality of the cams can vary – these are of a high grade. Otherwise, the desk uses plastic dowels and 50mm screws, including in the drawers.

One very good touch was that all the smaller holes – for cam bolts and drawer runners – are not just pre-drilled; they also have plastic inserts that really help with accuracy and fit. Everything fitted perfectly and nothing needed ‘persuading’ into place.

The only minor quilbbles, quality-wise, could be the plastic handles and the exposed screw heads. The screws for the handles look too long and they feel very tight. However, they all went in just fine and the end result looks perfectly okay. Not a problem in the end. There are two exposed screw heads on each end panel and the plastic covers supplied are for the cams, not these screws.

In the end, though, no one is likely to notice, and the finished result is an attractive and very sturdy little desk, with three drawers on one side and a cupboard on the other, with an open shelf above each.

I’d happily recommend the Alphason Maryland desk to anyone who wants a compact and sturdy desk for a sensible price. It’s available from a variety of outlets.