IKEA Office Furniture in St Helier

IKEA besta storage combination with doors and drawersToday I finished the job I started yesterday afternoon, assembling some IKEA furniture delivered from the UK.

The client company is based in Guernsey and has recently opened their new St Helier office. Staff there were looking forward to filing away the various documents and folders they have already generated.

Having contacted me about the delivery and assembly of IKEA goods, they ordered online and arranged collection and delivery from a UK branch. It’s a simple process that I can tell you more about if you contact me.

I was able to begin assembly the following day (yesterday) and complete it this morning.

IKEA galant file cabinetSo, there were two GALANT filing cabinets, a low-level BESTA storage unit in two parts, a large EXPEDIT shelving unit and a KNIPPE hat and coat stand.

They didn’t need my help with the five DOKUMENT waste paper bins they’s also ordered. The two filing cabinets were completed yesterday afternoon, after I’d assembled the shelving unit. I’ve done a few of those units by now, so this one was very familiar.IKEA expedit shelving unit

Today’s BESTA storage unit was simple enough, but with a few fiddly details, including optional pedestal legs, three drawers and a glass top.

The two parts (two thirds and one third of the total) had to be in place and totally level before they could be screwed together, or the glass top would not have seated properly.

So, it all took a little while, but there were no dramas. Drawers and doors were simple enough to fit and align.IKEA knippe hat and coat stand

I’m looking forward to more of the same!