Back Again

The day after building the Rauch wardrobes and chests, I was back at a previous customer’s home for not the second but the third time. This was in a kitchen I’d helped to nearly complete some months ago.

This time there were just the kick boards to add and a cowel for the cooker hood that the customer was struggling to fix. The problem with the kick boards was that the kitchen floor isn’t level, so the gaps upder the cabinets varied somewhat, with some of them being lower than the height of the kickboards – hence lots of sawing and trimming to get them all into place, apart from the usual cutting to length.

The cooker hood was also fixed in place but the top part of the casing then didn’t want to fit. The customer had cut it down but it was still slightly too tall to squeeze into place between the extractor hood and the ceiling. The solution was to cut into the ceiling a little to let the cowel in and then persuade it into place before finding some suitable screws to fix it. Then the ceiling was filled and cover strips cut to size and fitted.

The gratifying thing for me, apart from a successful job, is the knowledge that previous customers once again asked me back without the slightest quibble about price. That tells me my customers think I’m doing a good job too.

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