Back in Business

One good thing about this business is that I don’t usually need many tools for any one job. Add to that the small size of the island, and the end result is that I can often cycle to and from assembly jobs with my tools in a pannier or rucksack.

It’s a good way to stay in shape, too, and helps me prepare for a cycle tour I’m hoping to do in September.

So far, so good, but racing home from a small job in town last week I somehow managed to lose my phone. It travelled safely to the job in my saddle bag but bounced out at some point on the way home.

Result: all mentions of ‘call or text 07797 827862’ had to be removed from this website, the Facebook Page and the Facebook ads that I’ve been running for the last two weeks, and replaced with our landline number. It’s amazing how many times the phone number gets mentioned, and I know I missed a few…

But, today we had a call from the police to say my phone had been handed in, and I collected it this afternoon. I already knew it was broken, from trying to call it, but I do now have the SIM card. That’s now in a spare phone, and I’ve just finished (I think) changing all mentions of the phone number back to ‘call or text 07797 827862’.

Of course, you can still use the enquiry form, too, or just email.

Even though I still had calls and email enquiries during the past week, I do feel like I’m back in business now I have the mobile number back again.

And I’ve just remembered I need to update the Twitter page!

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