Beds, Sheds and Butchers Blocks

It was good to see the eight-by-ten foot shed I built a few weeks ago survived the storm completely unscathed. Although there are trees and hedges surrounding much of the garden, the shed is on an exposed and raised patio area, particularly open to the southwest. Still, survive it did.

Groland Kitchen Island (Butcher's Block) by IKEA
Groland Kitchen Island (Butcher’s Block) by IKEA

Other items built recently include a butchers block and a double bed for one customer and a bookcase with doors for another. The bookcase was actually my first repeat customer since I started in Jersey in July. Repeat custom is always nice – it tells me I did a good job and makes it very clear that customers feel I give good value.

Not many businesses will last very long if their customers don’t feel that, of course. I’m confident you’ll feel the same, too. It’s a nice feeling and you can share it when you use the enquiry form or text or call me on 07797 827 862.

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