Ninety-One Was Not Enough

table tennis outdoor table equipment assembly y flatpack jerseyNot content with the 91 items I assembled a couple of weeks ago, my happy customer called me back for a few more things last week.

This time, a table tennis table was the main item and it could qualify as the heaviest single piece I’ve ever built. I don’t know what it weighs in total but for the first time ever I actually needed help lifting parts of it into position.  Continue reading Ninety-One Was Not Enough

Ninety-One IKEA Items Later

IKEA Hall Furniture by Flatpack Jersey
Hall furniture by IKEA

When a potential customer contacted me a few weeks ago for an estimate to assemble their new IKEA furniture it looked like a big job. I’ve done big jobs before – big items and/or lots of them.

But this was the biggest yet. When we agreed I would do it the list looked like four or maybe five days’ worth, and I knew it would mean some heavy lifting too. IKEA are quite careful not to make any of their individual boxes too heavy – even though many of those boxes are best lifted and moved by two people and one piece of furniture might come in three such boxes… Continue reading Ninety-One IKEA Items Later

Rauch Elegant4You Wardrobe and Chests

Rauch Elegant4you mirror wardrobeYou can forgive manufacturers picking daft names for their products if the products themselves are worth having, and so it is with Rauch’s Elegant4You range. There’s nothing particularly outstanding about the wardrobe and bedside drawers I built this week, but they are stylish enough and of a decent quality and went together well.

The wardrobe is very heavy (or I’m getting weak), especially the sliding doors Continue reading Rauch Elegant4You Wardrobe and Chests

Say No to Self Assembly and Still Save

Seen something you really like in the sales but worried you won’t be able to assemble it?

If that’s all that’s stopping you, don’t fret. Remember, sale prices mean you can probably buy the furniture you want, and have it assembled for you, for less than the price you would normally pay just to get it home.

Let’s say that lovely bedroom suite is only £395, down from £595, but you don’t fancy putting it together. Well, that £200 saving would pay for a lot of my time – much more  time than it would take me to assemble a wardrobe, a bed and a couple of chests of drawers.

That means you still save money, you still get your new bedroom and you don’t get the backache, skinned knuckles or stress of building it yourself.

That’s a win-win if ever there was one!

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The White Solution?

tracked_320_x_180The most popular colour for shutters is undoubtedly white – either pure white (a close match to most ‘brilliant white’ domestic paint) or silk white, which is slightly softer, although the difference isn’t obvious until you put them side by side. Cream is also quite popular.

Recently, though, I’ve had several jobs where customers have chosen wood grain for their shutters rather than solid painted finishes, and I must say Continue reading The White Solution?

A Morning’s Work

Brimnes 3 door wardrobe by IKEAToday’s customer had ordered a few items from IKEA, which were duly delivered to her flat in town. Looking at her shopping list I estimated 4-5 hours and quoted my half-day rate  of £125.

The items to be assembled were a three door Brimnes wardrobe, a three drawer chest to match, plus a bedside cabinet and a Lugnvik sofa bed. Continue reading A Morning’s Work