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Expecting Visitors?

When I was a child, family staying over for Christmas would have to make do with a shared bed, a settee or the floor but if you’re planning a more comfortable welcome for your visitors you might be thinking of offering them a real bed of their own.

Or you could just be thinking of sprucing up your home with some new furniture or adding a bit more storage or hanging space.

Either way, time is running out. It might have felt like summer for the past few days but we are now into the last month of autumn.

You don’t have long, in other words.

But worry not. There’s still time to order flatpack furniture from IKEA or elsewhere and to book my time to build it for you. I will be busy, though, so please don’t leave it too much longer!

A Morning’s Work

Brimnes 3 door wardrobe by IKEAToday’s customer had ordered a few items from IKEA, which were duly delivered to her flat in town. Looking at her shopping list I estimated 4-5 hours and quoted my half-day rate¬† of ¬£125.

The items to be assembled were a three door Brimnes wardrobe, a three drawer chest to match, plus a bedside cabinet and a Lugnvik sofa bed. Continue reading A Morning’s Work

Flatpack Jersey to the Rescue

Or How a Bit of Expertise Saved the Day

IKEA by Flatpack JerseyOkay, it wasn’t quite that exciting, but I received a call on Monday afternoon asking if I could possibly help. A customer had bought an IKEA bed, via Book My Space, which was duly delivered, but was having difficulties with the assembly, depite them having built an identical one before. Continue reading Flatpack Jersey to the Rescue

The Best Referrals of All

I think the best ‘referrals’ you can possibly have are not actually referrals at all, but when a customer you’ve served in the past asks you back.

That happened again when a customer I first visited back in the summer contacted me again with a list of items for me to assemble.

This time it was a cot bed, a wardrobe, a changing table and a rocking chair and stool.

Not only did I not have to ‘sell’ my services to them, I didn’t have to explain my prices or how I work. Being trusted by my customers meant they had no problem leaving me alone in the house to get on with it. That makes things a lot easier for them, of course, since they have their own lives to get on with.

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend you leave a tradesperson alone in your house unless you know them very well, but I obviously have a trustworthy persona!

Beds, Sheds and Butchers Blocks

It was good to see the eight-by-ten foot shed I built a few weeks ago survived the storm completely unscathed. Although there are trees and hedges surrounding much of the garden, the shed is on an exposed and raised patio area, particularly open to the southwest. Still, survive it did.

Groland Kitchen Island (Butcher's Block) by IKEA
Groland Kitchen Island (Butcher’s Block) by IKEA

Other items built recently include a butchers block and a double bed for one customer and a bookcase with doors for another. The bookcase was actually my first repeat customer since I started in Jersey in July. Repeat custom is always nice – it tells me I did a good job and makes it very clear that customers feel I give good value.

Not many businesses will last very long if their customers don’t feel that, of course. I’m confident you’ll feel the same, too. It’s a nice feeling and you can share it when you use the enquiry form or text or call me on 07797 827 862.