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Creating a Hall Cupboard With IKEA

Given a relatively small area to install a cupboard I turned to the IKEA catalogue. The floor area available was approximately 1 metre wide by 28 cm deep. It so happens that standard Billy bookcases are 28cm deep but they only come in widths of 80 or 40 cm, so I ordered an 80 cm one and added a 20cm Gnedby shelf unit. Both units are 202 cm high.

Although the shelf unit is much shallower than the Billy, this meant I didn’t have to worry about the inside (RHS) corner.

I also ordered two Bergsbo doors, each 50 cm wide.

Having built the Billy I turned it onto its side and attached the Gnedby as I built it, hiding the joining bolts and screws below the base and behind the fixed shelf and top. This didn’t add much to the total weight so it was still quite easy to handle the whole assembly.

I screwed a batten to the right hand wall to match the thickness of the skirting with some packing behind to compensate for the wavy plaster and used decorator’s caulk to seal the gaps. Pre-cut cut outs in the Billy meant it could be pushed tight to the back wall without a batten, with the shallower Gnedby unit also giving plenty of clearance behind.

The only issue was with the doors, which are routed to take three hinges – the middle oneĀ  of which clashes with the fixed Billy shelf. The doors are not heavy and two hinges are adequate but other doors are available with the middle hinge offset to avoid this potential problem. I drilled the Billy bookcase to fit the hinges, and used one self-closing and one cushioned hinge on each door.

The floor has a distinct slope from right to left and I used a 1.5cm batten (painted white to match) under the left hand end to compensate and keep the whole assembly vertical and aligned with the right-hand wall. Being on a carpeted floor means the gap at the bottom isn’t obvious.

I had some small door knobs that suit the confined location, so I drilled 5mm holes and used those. The end result is very neat and the customer (my mother-in-law!) is delighted.



Many Happy Returns

Still on the theme of return visits to satisfied customers, this week so far has demonstrated my point – once you provide an excellent service that someone needs or wants, they’ll happily keep coming back to you.

Or, in a service like Flatpack Jersey, they’ll happily have you come back to them.

So far this week, I’ve made four visits to a brand new customer, with a high probability of at least a couple more.


I can only think it’s the excellent service. There’s really nothing more to it.

Beds, Sheds and Butchers Blocks

It was good to see the eight-by-ten foot shed I built a few weeks ago survived the storm completely unscathed. Although there are trees and hedges surrounding much of the garden, the shed is on an exposed and raised patio area, particularly open to the southwest. Still, survive it did.

Groland Kitchen Island (Butcher's Block) by IKEA
Groland Kitchen Island (Butcher’s Block) by IKEA

Other items built recently include a butchers block and a double bed for one customer and a bookcase with doors for another. The bookcase was actually my first repeat customer since I started in Jersey in July. Repeat custom is always nice – it tells me I did a good job and makes it very clear that customers feel I give good value.

Not many businesses will last very long if their customers don’t feel that, of course. I’m confident you’ll feel the same, too. It’s a nice feeling and you can share it when you use the enquiry form or text or call me on 07797 827 862.