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How Long Will it Take?

It is, as you’ll probably guess, an impossible question to answer, at least without a lot of experience (and trial and error), and I still get it wrong sometimes.

Different makes, with their various ranges, are all likely to take a different amount of time to assemble, and each piece within every range is unique. Working conditions can vary, too, and the best thing a customer can do to help is to have the boxes in the right place, with enough space to work in.

But there is one thing I’ve noticed, at least with IKEA and probably with most self-assembly furniture, and it will give you a rough idea. Continue reading How Long Will it Take?

What Price a Healthy Back?

Save the pain, in other words, by contacting Flatpack Jersey.

If you’ve built any flatpack furniture before, or built your own shed, you might remember the blistered hands, bashed thumbs, aching back and skinned knuckles – I certainly do!

But experience and skills acquired over many years mean I keep those things to a minimum. Even better, I keep them to myself!

So, apart from the skill and experience I bring to the job of assembling your flatpack furniture, garden buildings and fitness equipment – saving you time and frustration and giving you the finished result you hoped for – perhaps the biggest benefit of employing Flatpack Jersey is your personal health and safety.

What price would you pay to avoid stitches and a strained back, even assuming your time is free? I’d say a healthy back alone is priceless.

Currently, I charge £35 an hour.

If you’d rather build it yourself, read these tips on health and safety first.