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Next, John Lewis and Heals

Flatpack Assembly JerseyThis summer I’ve been asked to build various pieces of furniture from an increasing range of suppliers, including several orders from Next and John Lewis, but the sofa bed I assembled for a customer at Portelet was the first one from Heals of London.

The customer had to persuade Heals to send it to Jersey, but it arrived safely and wasn’t particularly hard to build – although it was heavy!

An increasing number of customers also order from Amazon and other online-only stores and so far I’ve never been confronted with anything I couldn’t build.

Anyway, one way and another, with flatpack assembly, Hillarys shutters and blinds, and some big family events, it’s been a bit full-on this year.

That’s why we were happy to be invited to France for a week or so, in mid-October. So, if you have something that needs building and you haven’t made contact with me by 3rd October I probably won’t be able to help until the last week in October at the earliest.


Sorry, I’ve Been a Bit Busy

Beware the tradesman who has time to write a blog.

As it happens, I usually do find the odd few minutes every now and again to update you on what I’ve been doing and about some of the more interesting things I’ve been up to. But there are only so many ways to describe assembling a Pax wardrobe or building a garden shed, and I don’t like to repeat myself.

However, it’s probably a good idea to remind customers – old, new and prospective – that I’m still in business and still able to help with just about any assembly jobs that might come up. Recently, that’s means some stylish wardrobes from B & Q (yes), a few new IKEA items and a pretty big shed that was just about on my physical limit, as well as more humble (and lighter) bedside cabinets, tables, chairs and window boxes. Oh, and loo seats and bathroom mirrors.

All done with the minimum of fuss and bother. As it says somewhere else on this site, if it comes flatpacked or in a box and needs assembling, I’m your man.

I’ve been pretty busy with Hillarys shutters and blinds, too, but more of them another time.


The White Solution?

tracked_320_x_180The most popular colour for shutters is undoubtedly white – either pure white (a close match to most ‘brilliant white’ domestic paint) or silk white, which is slightly softer, although the difference isn’t obvious until you put them side by side. Cream is also quite popular.

Recently, though, I’ve had several jobs where customers have chosen wood grain for their shutters rather than solid painted finishes, and I must say Continue reading The White Solution?