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Say No to Self Assembly and Still Save

Seen something you really like in the sales but worried you won’t be able to assemble it?

If that’s all that’s stopping you, don’t fret. Remember, sale prices mean you can probably buy the furniture you want, and have it assembled for you, for less than the price you would normally pay just to get it home.

Let’s say that lovely bedroom suite is only £395, down from £595, but you don’t fancy putting it together. Well, that £200 saving would pay for a lot of my time – much more  time than it would take me to assemble a wardrobe, a bed and a couple of chests of drawers.

That means you still save money, you still get your new bedroom and you don’t get the backache, skinned knuckles or stress of building it yourself.

That’s a win-win if ever there was one!

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Fast Work

A job this morning was a perfect example of applying my new minimum rate. Although I was expecting an hour or more’s work, two items had been damaged in transit, so there was less to do than I anticipated.

That meant I was at the customer’s home for only around 30 minutes, so the total cost to him today was just £20.

Half an hour is long enough for me to assemble a small item like a bedside cabinet, a simple bookshelf or maybe a couple of chairs or small tables (but I can assemble four folding chairs like this, or four of these tables in 30 minutes).

Enquiring will cost you nothing at all, and that could hardly be easier. Call or text the number at the top of this page or use the simple enquiry form on the right.

How Long Will it Take?

It is, as you’ll probably guess, an impossible question to answer, at least without a lot of experience (and trial and error), and I still get it wrong sometimes.

Different makes, with their various ranges, are all likely to take a different amount of time to assemble, and each piece within every range is unique. Working conditions can vary, too, and the best thing a customer can do to help is to have the boxes in the right place, with enough space to work in.

But there is one thing I’ve noticed, at least with IKEA and probably with most self-assembly furniture, and it will give you a rough idea. Continue reading How Long Will it Take?

New Lower Minimum Charge

With immediate effect, I’m introducing a new minimum fee of just £20. This will apply for all smaller jobs, up to about 30 minutes’ work, and replaces the minimum one hour rate that applied before (currently £35)

That means smaller jobs are now more affordable. I can do this because few places in Jersey are difficult to get to, so I’m happy to waive my travel time (and expense).

In fact, I can easily cycle to and from most small jobs, which means my costs are minimal, and I want to pass that saving on to you.

As an example, I assembled four IKEA chairs in about half an hour this week, and four simple tables took about the same amount of time. Not many jobs are quite that simple, but a bedside cabinet or basic small bookcase could take about 30 minutes, too.