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The White Solution?

tracked_320_x_180The most popular colour for shutters is undoubtedly white – either pure white (a close match to most ‘brilliant white’ domestic paint) or silk white, which is slightly softer, although the difference isn’t obvious until you put them side by side. Cream is also quite popular.

Recently, though, I’ve had several jobs where customers have chosen wood grain for their shutters rather than solid painted finishes, and I must say Continue reading The White Solution?

It’s Hot Up There!

I recently spent a whole day hanging around in an unusually high conservatory roof, fitting¬† pleated blinds of various shapes and sizes. Since I’d measured for them too, there would have been no one to blame but myself if they hadn’t fitted.

Thankfully, all went well, although it was a long hard day, often working at full stretch and trying not to break anything, including my own neck! Continue reading It’s Hot Up There!

Branching Out

If you’ve seen me mention shutters and roof blinds from Hillarys Blinds you might have concluded I probably have a vested interest in their success, and you’d be right.

Since the start of the year I’ve added surveying and installing shutters and conservatory roof blinds to my repertoire and a lot of variety to my working week.

Hillarys shutters and the blinds are made to measure, following a detailed survey, with every one uniquely manufactured to fit a specific window or glazing panel, taking into account out-of-square windows, wavy walls and glazing bars, different construction materials and various frame and fitting options.

Most people choose white for their shutters but there are lots of colours and finishes to choose from, including three shades of white, while the fabric choices for your roof blinds are too numerous to count. Opening and closing blinds can be done manually or electrically and plantation shutters are suitable for every room in the house, in a range of configurations, louvre widths, etc.  Most of these decisions will be discussed and decided during your initial appointment and then confirmed or amended as required when I conduct the survey.

Once the shutters or blinds have been produced and delivered to the island I’ll come back and install them.

To find out more and to book an initial call from a Hillarys representative, contact me and I’ll put you in touch.