Day Two, and this Great Testimonial

After a long day assembling wardrobes, a desk and some nursery furniture, day two was shorter (thanks to the non-delivery of another wardrobe), so all I had to build was the second desk (easy) and a very big wardrobe, this time with massive sliding doors.

Despite its size and weight, the wardrobe was actually simpler than the two smaller ones I’d built on day one. It was also built in a very different way, with some potential for disaster. It was a German brand I haven’t seen before but was not unlike some Schreiber ones I’ve built, using a modular system.

Building a modular wardrobe ‘standing up’, as it were, rather than face down, means there’s a risk of one or more panels toppling over under their own weight. But with care and a bit of forethought, it can be done, even working solo.

In all, the wardrobe took about three hours or so of careful heavy lifting. Once the basic carcass was built and the door runners added, the plain door was heavy enough, although it was fairly easy to hang on its track. The second door, though, was mirrored and seemed to weigh about twice as much. But again, once it was in position, with the top safely under the wardrobe’s pelmet, it was fairly easy to hang.

I’ll have another one of those wardrobes to build when it’s finally delivered. Meanwhile, I was sent this wonderful message by my happy and grateful customer:

“Thanks again for a fantastic job!!! You really make a very tough job look so easy……but we all know it is far from it. You have saved us weeks/months of agony trying to assemble all the furniture. Amazing what you achieved in such a short space of time.”
~ Annaret

It’s reactions like that that make this business worthwhile.

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