Happy New Year!

Things got pretty busy for the business in the run up to Christmas, with my last job being to help Santa build a fantastic Jungle Gym for two lucky boys in St John. I was grateful for the light winds and reasonable temperatures as I worked outside over two days, although the rain and drizzle was less welcome!

Now we seem to be stuck in a cycle of gales and rain, so outside work isn’t on the cards for this week but it’s a great time to be working indoors. So, if you have any assembly work pending, anything you’ve bought or ordered in the sales but haven’t got around to assembling yet, this is the perfect time to get in touch.

Prices are likely to rise in the spring, so now would also be a good time to consider ordering anything you will need for the house or garden and booking my time at the current rates. Just use the form on this page or contact me by phone or text.


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