How Can You Reach Me?

Let me count the ways…

Actually, there are seven ways you can contact me at Flatpack Jersey. The easiest way, since you’re here already, is to use the contact form on the right.

You can also follow me on Twitter and then send me a direct message, or just tweet to @Flatpack_Jersey and I’ll get back to you.

When you follow me on Facebook you’ll also be able to send me a private message there, or you can just post to the timeline. Find me at (we also still cover the Suffolk UK area).

Finally, you can just pick up your phone and either call or text me, at 07797 827862.

In the last week alone I’ve had bookings from six of those seven methods. Only the Facebook timeline is yet to break its duck. You can be the first if you like but the enquiry form is right here >>>


1 thought on “How Can You Reach Me?

  1. Thinking about it, you could also reach me via LinkedIn, as well as face to face, by email or good old snail mail.

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