IKEA Hemnes Cabinets

A recent post onĀ here was written to help you estimate how long a job will take and therefore how much it will cost. Naturally, we’ll always try to give you the most accurate quote we can, and if we say the price is guaranteed, then that’s exactly what we mean.

Some items take longer than you might expect, especially compared with equivalent pieces in more simple or basic ranges, and in IKEA’s vast catalogue, their Hemnes items are a good example of this.

The simple way to estimate our working time still stands – roughly 30 minutes or so per box delivered – but Hemnes furniture often comes in two or three boxes rather than one or two. That’s because there are usually lots of struts and stretchers (horizontal bars) to attach and sometimes end panels need assembling, too. Usually, this means that drawer runners will also need attaching, whereas a simpler cabinet might have these already screwed on.

Packing all the pieces safely for transport means you end up with more boxes than you might expect, but that’s a good guide to the time required to build it.

The eight-drawer Hemnes chest that I give as an example in the recent article is a very good example of this. I’ve done a few of these now, and they take me about ninety minutes. You might allow an hour per box if you build it yourself, or about three hours in total, but that will depend on your skill, patience and possibly physical strength.

The four-piece TV unit that I built last week came in seven boxes, and had to be fixed to the wall, so it took me about four hours. It would probably take an inexperienced person the best part of a day.

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