It’s Hot Up There!

I recently spent a whole day hanging around in an unusually high conservatory roof, fitting  pleated blinds of various shapes and sizes. Since I’d measured for them too, there would have been no one to blame but myself if they hadn’t fitted.

Thankfully, all went well, although it was a long hard day, often working at full stretch and trying not to break anything, including my own neck!

But all was done by about 8pm, by which time it was  at least a bit cooler, especially once the blinds were closed. They make a big difference to the useability of a conservatory, especially on the hottest days.

Conservatory roof blinds from Hillarys
Conservatory roof blinds from Hillarys

We don’t do many roof blinds at the moment but there’s a wide range of fabric types and colours available and we can fit most shapes of conservatory roof.

Go to Hillarys website to arrange a consultation, for blinds, shutters or awnings, and even curtains.

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