Mamas and Papas and a Whole Lot More

Mamas and Papas cot bedIt was a big couple of days, but delighted and grateful customers make it all worthwhile. Building two three-door wardrobes (each with drawers and each different and new to me), plus a desk, took me almost to the end of the normal working day on day one, but there was more still to do.

With a baby due in two weeks, I guessed my customers would be keen to have their new cot bed and changing unit built, and I have to report they were a pleasure to put together, even at the end of a long day.

I don’t encounter Mamas and Papas furniture very often but the quality of these two items was first class. They were very well protected and beautifully finished. The cot was quite simple (it can be converted to a bed later) and, even taking great care, only took about 30 minutes.

The dresser and changer was much more complicated, came in two boxes (with boxes inside boxes) and took me a good hour to build. There was a multitude of shaped and sculpted pieces, every one of them unique, and that was just to make up the outer frames.

Mamas and Papas dresser and changerThe main carcass was more simple, the drawers used an unusual design, all screwed together, but with plastic inserts and accurate drilling that made every screw feel secure and precise. Drawer fronts are double thickness (and double weight).

Elsewhere, the cams and bolts went together perfectly, too, with a consistent degree of tightness that you don’t always get with budget-priced furniture. Each bolt is screwed into its own insert, which means you can actually screw them in by hand. These inserts give the bolts just enough ‘give’ for the cams to tighten ‘just so’ every time.

Fully-built, with a simple but clever frame to create the ‘changer’ on top of the cabinet, the unit was very heavy.

Mamas and Papas furniture isn’t cheap, but I can imagine the dresser/changer unit lasting for several babies, if not generations.


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