Mostly Shutters

December was a predictably busy month, with lots of people having taken advantage of the Hillarys Blinds promise to fit before Christmas, so I fitted a lot of shutters in the three weeks available. There were also a few surveys for customers looking to get their new shutters fitted in time for spring.

Some people, though, preferred to wait until after the festivities, so January has been almost as busy so far.

In between the shutter fits there has been time for a few flatpack assembly jobs and other DIY-type work, including some very heavy bedroom furniture to be assembled just down the road at Portelet (after dismantling the old beds), a nice tv unit (wall-mounted) near Five Oaks and several IKEA desks for another customer in the same area.

Now the pre- (and post-) Christmas rush has almost passed, it will be a little easier to book me in at short notice for your flatpack assembly jobs. It’s still nice to get some notice, though, so don’t hesitate to contact me as soon as you feel the need!


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