Ninety-One IKEA Items Later

IKEA Hall Furniture by Flatpack Jersey
Hall furniture by IKEA

When a potential customer contacted me a few weeks ago for an estimate to assemble their new IKEA furniture it looked like a big job. I’ve done big jobs before – big items and/or lots of them.

But this was the biggest yet. When we agreed I would do it the list looked like four or maybe five days’ worth, and I knew it would mean some heavy lifting too. IKEA are quite careful not to make any of their individual boxes too heavy – even though many of those boxes are best lifted and moved by two people and one piece of furniture might come in three such boxes…

That means some of the finished items are very heavy indeed.

So the customer was surprised when she realised I would be doing this on my own, as usual. The list had grown a bit, too, so my first morning saw me assembling 10 chairs and 26 wooden crates that I wasn’t expecting. Still, they were light and easy to do, if a bit repetitive. The dining room table was simple but heavy.

After a few more smallish items it was time to start tackling some of the bigger stuff – four tall bookcases, some 8-drawer chests (four of those, I think) three 3-door wardrobes and three children’s  bedrooms all identically kitted out with wardrobes, (lots of) drawers, three bookshelves, a desk and more.

It went on. And on. Not that I was complaining, and the customers weren’t in a great hurry as there was other work to do before they could move in. There were three cupboards and a chest of drawers for the hall, three chests of drawers for the master bedroom, two more wardrobes for the dressing room, two more tables, another cupboard, another chest of drawers and a day bed (another heavy 3-box one).

Eventually, the job took seven full days, spread over two weeks (I had other customers to see to as well), and the sum total, if I haven’t forgotten anything, was ninety-one items. Taking away the twenty-six crates, that means sixty-five furniture items and that’s not counting the individual drawers added to the wardrobes and other units in the children’s bedrooms.

It seemed only right to dispose of the mountain of cardboard and other packaging. Luckily, IKEA do use mostly cardboard and paper these days, so most of it went to Reclamait at Rue des Pres, in four loads.

There are still mirrors to hang, tall units to fix to walls and a few shelves and other bits and pieces and I’ll probably be back to help with those when the owners have decided where everything is going to go.

I’ll post some more pictures to give a better idea of the job later, but here’s one room’s worth:

Three triples, two doubles, two 8-drawer chests – all heavy!



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