Plantation Shutters and Conservatory Blinds

Increasingly, as I visit homes around Jersey, I see people moving away from traditional curtains  and off the shelf blinds towards made to measure wood and wood-effect venetians and plantation shutters.

Shutters, particularly, make a big difference to any room, changing its character and adding a touch of made to measure luxury that more and more people are finding fits with their lifestyle and looks good in almost any situation and any building style. In everything from an ultra-modern apartment to a traditional farm cottage, or an art-deco, Georgian or Victorian house (and any other style you care to mention), made-to-measure plantation shutters are completely at home.

Whether you’re seeking shade, privacy or just a new and timeless look, plantation shutters can transform your home or any room within it.

And talking of shade, if you have a conservatory you’ll know how quickly it can become uncomfortably hot on any sunny day from spring to autumn. It’s not always feasible to open a window or door and you might want a little more control than that, maybe shading one part of your conservatory and letting the sunshine into another part. In that case, you might want to consider roof blinds. Pleated roof blinds can be custom-made to fit almost any shape and type of conservatory, can be opened and closed individually, and can be manually operated (either by wand or hand crank) or powered, with a power crank or integral, programmable, remote-controlled motors in each blind.

You can complete the look and add privacy, shade and insulation, with various types of side window blinds, too.big shutter closed

All of these, as well as more traditional blinds and curtains, are now available in Jersey from Hillarys Blinds, the biggest name in blinds in the UK. You can see more  on their website. but contact me directly to arrange a priority appointment with their Jersey advisor.

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