Ready When You Are, But Be Quick!

Having disembarked safely last week, it was good to get the first enquiries and booking before Flatpack Jersey was even open for business, and now we’re really up and running I’m looking forward to getting a lot more.

But the sooner you get in touch with me the better, because the introductory rates for Flatpack Jersey will only last until the end of August. Prices will have to increase on the first of September, so if you want to take advantage of the current prices you will need to contact me before then.

You can make an enquiry and a provisional booking, even if you don’t know exactly what you need help with or when you’ll be needing us – I realise this is the holiday season and you might have other things to think about!

But as long as you have a rough idea, I’ll accept that as a provisional booking at the current rate, with small deposit (10% of the estimate) to guarantee the price for two months.

Call or text me onĀ 0779 782 7862 or use the enquiry form before the end of August to secure your introductory rate.