Save Money by Rebuilding Flatpack Furniture

You can often save yourself time and money by asking me to rebuild flatpack furniture rather than buying new pieces, even if you don’t have the instructions. As long as it’s dismantled carefully (and especially if I do it), putting it back together isn’t usually a problem.

As long as nothing is broken, most flatpack furniture can be built and rebuilt a few times, and from my experience the results can be just about as good as new. Here’s one example of a piece I rebuilt for a customer after she’d moved house:

dec 2012 090

Of course, I can rebuild second-hand furniture, too.

Sometimes, things do get broken and I may have to modify or reinforce a joint or two, but it can usually be done in a way that doesn’t spoil the appearance.

Remember, all you pay for is my time and any extra parts I have to supply.

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