Sheds, Beds and Butchers Blocks

I hope you’re enjoying the late summer weather – today was a great one to be outside.

As luck would have it, today’s job was a ten by eight shed from Ransomes, and I have to admit it was a heavy one! I started early before the day became too hot to work and had the basic shed assembled in about an hour and a half. The finishing touches – roof felt and glass – will be done tomorrow afternoon, which promises to be a bit cooler.

But this afternoon was definitely one for the beach…

On Friday I’ll be back indoors – missing the expected rain – putting together a double bed and a “kitchen cabinet butcher’s block kind of thing”, which will make a change. That will still be at the old price, of course, which you can still take advantage of just by making your enquiry before the end of Friday.

After that, prices will increase.

I’ll post some pictures very soon, but I have to say that’s an impressive shed!


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