How Long Do Shutters Take?

There are four stages in ordering, manufacturing and fitting your Hillarys shutters:

  1. You book a free consultation with a Hillarys advisor, who will visit your home at your convenience and discuss your requirements and the best way to achieve the results you want from your new shutters. There is no obligation to proceed but if you decide to go ahead a deposit will be required.
  2. A second visit – a design survey – will be arranged by me, usually within a few days of the first visit, for a final design to be confirmed and precise measurements to be taken.
  3. The order is placed and sent for manufacturing. This takes approximately 9-10 weeks, including delivery to our store in Jersey. Although there can be delays due to issues with ferries, etc, I allow for this when I give you an earliest fit date. It’s best to agree this date at the time of survey if possible but I can be flexible if we need to postpone it.
  4. After about 9-10 weeks the shutters arrive in Jersey and I contact you to confirm a day and time for fitting by me. Typically, allow one to one and a half hours per window for fitting. Once the shutters are fitted, the balance (if any) is due and I usually collect this using chip-and-pin, though other payment methods are also available.

The process is identical for conservatory blinds, but manufacture takes less time – usually 2-3 weeks.