The White Solution?

tracked_320_x_180The most popular colour for shutters is undoubtedly white – either pure white (a close match to most ‘brilliant white’ domestic paint) or silk white, which is slightly softer, although the difference isn’t obvious until you put them side by side. Cream is also quite popular.

Recently, though, I’ve had several jobs where customers have chosen wood grain for their shutters rather than solid painted finishes, and I must say they look very smart and effective in the right situation. Bigger shutters can be less dominating if they’re in a softer colour, while older houses often suit a ‘real wood’ appearance.

Two recent customers opted for oak effects – one choosing French Oak and the other a slightly lighter Golden Oak. I have to say they both look lovely – warm and stylish – and the Golden Oak shutters (in fairly small cottage windows) looked like they had been there forever as soon as I finished fitting them. They were a perfect choice. French Oak was chosen for two large tracked sets in full-width picture windows each end of a big lounge-diner. The customer felt (and I think he was right) that white would have been too much. Oak shutters added instant style and subtle colour to an architecturally plain room.

Another customer chose a much darker wood stain for their tracked shutters in a fairly wide patio doorway. They match the existing decor very well and reduce the afternoon glare in their west-facing lounge.

Hillary's natural wood shutters are warm and stylish
Hillary’s natural wood shutters are warm and stylish

If you love the warmth and grain of natural wood as I do, seek out the Richmond range from Hillarys in Jersey. They have a wide range of natural colours as well as a whole rainbow of solid painted ones and even a colour matching service – ask your Hillarys advisor about that.

For me, though, I think I’m in love with Golden Oak.


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