Two Big Days – and all IKEA

I’ve just completed a job that took two full days – spread over 3 working days and the weekend – that involved building, joining and installing thirteen separate IKEA Pax wardrobes and fitting out with drawers, shelves, rails, etc, all in a home that’s still being finished.

Being on a building site meant no mains power so I was very grateful for my cordless drill on the final half day. A battery screwdriver speeds things up, too, as long as you’re careful, but there’s no substitute for muscle and effort when it comes to getting all those big IKEA boxes up to the first floor. I had help with the first few on day one but it was quicker to do the rest myself than find someone to help after that.

It all went more or less to plan, apart from some surplus shelves that I think the designer had other plans for.  Final touches were ‘assembling’ the zip-together top boxes and a final dusting and wiping. That’s probably a waste of time given how much dust was still flying around but I like to leave things as tidy as I can.

After finishing around 5pm I just had time to get to my next customer’s flat to sell his surplus Trysil wardrobe (as agreed, obviously!) while he’s off the island for a while. Today, I made a start on his IKEA furniture. This is a smaller job and he does have power and carpets on the floor, so it will be a very different working environment.

There are also a couple of IKEA items I haven’t come across before, too. Variety is the spice of life, they say.

Next up, some shutter surveys and a few shutter and blind installations.

1 thought on “Two Big Days – and all IKEA

  1. I was back at this site last week, fitting out the dressing rooms in the adjacent house, also still being finished. Three more closets with umpteen Pax wardrobes and associated drawers, rails and shelves.

    I ran out of room to work on day two (there was a bath in the way) so I’ll be back to finish the last few wardrobes in the next couple of days.

    I always think it’s a good sign when a customer asks you back to do more work for them, especially when they don’t haggle over the price!

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