Will You Miss Me …

… while I’m gone?

I’ll be away (cycling in France) from 24 August until 11 September, so if you have any flatpack-type jobs you need doing, before next Thursday, now is the time to contact me.

You can use the form on this site, phone or text, or contact me via my Facebook or Twitter accounts. While I’m away I won’t be answering my phone, but I’ll catch up with any messages as soon as I can when I get back (and get my breath back!).

My French trip is a marathon cycle tour, taking me from St Malo to Paris and on to Lourdes for a couple of days in the Pyrenees, before we catch the train back. I’ll be cycling 1700 km and climbing about 18000 metres, raising funds for After Breast Cancer Jersey, charity of the year for Hot Bananas, the singing group I belong to.

All donations gratefully received!


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